Trip to Sirmione

May 27th, 2013

The kids were abuzz, “Sirmione, Sirmione” they exclaimed. At the first hint that we would be traveling to Lake Garda in the morning the youth bubbled with joy and attempted to explain the beauty this location possesses. The scenic lakeside village of Sirmione is known for the clear lake that surrounds the peninsula with the monstrous Dolomite mountain range standing in the distance. When traveling to this tourist hot spot most set out to see the historic castle and ancient Roman ruins that lie upon the peninsula. We were gifted with beautiful weather for the trip; a warm, sunny seventy degrees.

Our plans were to meet up with two other families and spend part of the day walking around the beautiful town together. After getting through traffic at the toll booth and redirecting the caravan after a wrong turn, we made arrived at our destination. The moment we stepped out of the vehicle a soft breeze brought about smiling faces and a relaxing sigh; for the peninsula that we had driven upon was gorgeous and both the sky and water were of a similar shade of blue. We strolled through the town, stopped at a few playgrounds and took some photos. A quick stop for gelato topped off our day and a quiet drive home was the result of tired bodies that had walked, played and talked the day away.


_MG_2799It was wonderful to see believers come together to simply live life with one other. Families attended to each child as if they were their own. A sense of care and love marked the memory of the day. It was a blessing to be in nature and to see the beauty of God’s  creation. He has given us many reasons to be thankful and today I praise Him for the wonderful community He has surrounded me with. It brings peace to know that as we travel and live life, the Lord places people in our life to support and encourage us; to direct us and provide guidance. I am blessed by the believers and community here in Vicenza and look forward to the rest of the week in which I am blessed to be in their in their presence.


Theron Binder (visiting intern with AFBM)


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