Prayer Letter – March/April 2012

We thank and praise God for all that we have in Christ Jesus.  We want to thank the many brothers and sisters who remember us in prayer and with their generous love offerings.  Our God has been faithful to meet our needs; we have been able to pay our bills; have not missed any meals, and we have a roof over our heads, all of this due to the kindness of God’s people.  May God richly bless you.

We recently purchased a mini-van from another missionary (Jeremy Pittman), who just finished his furlough and returned to Uganda.  It is a good vehicle for a family with two toddlers.

We have been in over a dozen churches since our last letter and have several missions conferences and revivals scheduled.  Many churches are experiencing the ‘pinch’ of unemployment among their members and we’d ask you to pray for churches here in the States.

We recently attended a “Home Missions Conference” at First Baptist Church in Englewood, CO. where Isabella’s brother attends.  The focus is upon missions here in  America.  Many are trying to plant Baptist churches in parts of the U. S. where there are none, or help a struggling church keep their doors open.  These men come to present the needs of the work and many pastors come there to learn of and meet those needs.  We were very blessed to attend this conference.  After all, many foreign missions are dependent upon strong churches here in the States. Many may have never seen or heard of such a conference.  If you’d be interested in learning more about the Dennis Brown Memorial Home Missions Conferences, you can visit,, the site for First Baptist, in Englewood.  They are one of several churches that host the conference on an annual basis.  With many churches closing, dropping mission support, or losing pastors, the need for emphasis on ‘home missions’ is growing.

We plan to return to Colorado in May and are currently scheduling meetings out there between Sunday May 13th and Sunday June 17th.  On Monday June 18th we plan to drive to Florida for a ‘family reunion’ and visit a few churches there, before returning to Virginia at the beginning of July.  At that time we hope to visit a few more churches in the Tidewater area that have wanted to fit us into their schedules.  Then at the end of July we will finally return to Italy.

The latest report from the church in Vicenza was exciting with two young people receiving Christ!!!  Pray for the church there as they have a new pastor every ninety days till we return.

Our home church, Tidewater Baptist Temple, is doing well.  We continue to enjoy the hospitality of Providence Baptist while our church is being rebuilt.  We treasure your prayers as we move from the planning phase into the actual rebuilding. TBT’s many outreach ministries continue and we saw two men accept Christ at the Navy Brig on Palm Sunday.

Continue to pray for the church in Vicenza — for soldiers to be saved and for saved soldiers to grow in the Lord.  And pray for us — for safety as we travel, and as we seek to get meetings with churches that might partner with us in taking the gospel to American soldiers stationed in Italy.

Many thanks to all those who labor with us in prayer and financial support; may God bless each of you over and above the blessing you have been to our family.

Yours in Christ,

Tim & Isabella Drylie


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