Prayer Letter – June 2012

We thank and praise God for all that we have in Christ Jesus, the Lord has met our needs through unexpected love offerings from both individuals and churches.  We wish to say thank you to all those who pray and give.

The first week of this month, we remembered the 68th anniversary of D-Day.  On June 6th 1944, 160,000 men landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe.  At the end of that day over 9000 men were either killed or injured. Let us never forget that “Freedom isn’t free.”

We continue to receive exciting reports from the church in Vicenza of what the Lord is doing.  Dr. Jack Nixon is currently filling in for us and the Lord is using him mightily. Below is a photo of brother Jack with two soldiers taken at church the Sunday before Memorial Day.

In our last letter we mentioned two young people being recently saved.  They were a brother and sister and were baptized on Easter Sunday.  That same day, a female soldier came to Christ and was baptized the next Sunday.

In nearly all of our letters we ask you to pray for soldiers and their families to be saved.  Just recently a soldier and his wife were both saved.  To the right above, is a picture of Stephanie being baptized, while her husband Barry looks on awaiting his turn.   Within the past few weeks two of their sons were saved, one has already been baptized and as of this writing the other awaits baptism.  The Lord is good!!!

Here in the States, our family recently travelled across country for meetings in Colorado.  Currently, we are enjoying fellowship with brothers and sisters in several churches out here.  Our boys, John and David, (now aged three and two), are enjoying life on a ranch, “helping” dad and Uncle Davide take care of horses, chickens and other animals.

As we visit churches, we have had the opportunity to go out on visitation with some and help with cleaning and preparation for a youth camp here in Colorado next week.

Continue to pray for the church in Vicenza — for soldiers and their families to be saved and for those saved to grow in the Lord. Continue to pray for us — for safety as we travel, and seek meetings with churches that might partner with us in taking the gospel to soldiers in Italy.

Thank you to all who labor with us in prayer and financial support; may God bless you over and above the blessing you’ve been to us.

Yours in Christ,

Tim & Isabella Drylie


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