Prayer Letter – July 2011

Greetings from Italy!

Since our last prayer letter, Vicenza Baptist Church has taken on two more missionaries.  Brother Frank Maietta and his family minister to Italians, have an Italian church and recently helped us with an outreach to the Italians.

Then more recently we had a visit from another brother who takes the gospel to Muslims, (for the safety of him & his family, we will not here give his name or field.). We were pleased to add both of these families to the missionaries that we help support through ‘faith promise’.

We’ve had three baptism’s recently.  Brother Benjamin received the gift of salvation during our missions conference; a lady named Trella was saved while driving with her husband that same week; & more recently Pastor Drylie had the privilege of discussing the gospel with her teen age daughter London and she called upon the Lord to save her.  Both Trella & London were saved out of Mormonism.  Mother and daughter were baptized the same day.

Another family recently joined the church.  The Neese family with four young children arrived from the States for a three year tour and have already begun serving within the body.  Their youngest, Fisher has taken to Pastor Drylie, it seems the pastor reminds him of his grandfather.

The months of June and July saw first time visitors nearly every Sunday; and we are happy to report that several returned to fellowship with us again.

Two of those include Joy Ladot and Pailin Jogthong.  Joy is from the Philipines, living and working here in Italy; Pailin is a U. S citizen, originally from Thailand, now living and working in Italy.  Both of these ladies, presented clear testimonies of salvation, not only in word but in deed.  They had both been scripturally baptized in the churches where they were saved, and have been received into the membership of Vicenza Baptist in the past two weeks.

A young soldier named Kerwin has been attending with us for a few weeks now.  He is still waiting for his wife and son to join him here in Italy, but has indicated that he would like Vicenza Baptist to be his families home while they are in Italy.

The Drylie family is preparing to go on their first ‘furlough’ to try and raise more support.  Bill McClur and his wife Lois will arrive Thursday July 21st to fill in and the Drylies will fly to the States on Wednesday July 27th.

This furlough will be for at least ninety days, and with considerable assistance from Brother Doug Carragher, the director of Armed Forces Baptist Missions, they will try to schedule as many meetings as possible in the August through October time frame.

The furlough actually needs to be longer to arrange for more meetings but is dependant upon the possibility of Isabella getting a ‘green card.’  We’d ask you to please pray about this matter.

 Yours’ in Christ, the Drylies


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