Prayer Letter – August 2012

The Drylies to the U. S. Military in Vicenza Italy, August 2012

For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. I Cor. 16:9

We returned to Italy on Wednesday July 25th receiving a warm welcome at prayer meeting.   Brother Rob did a good job conducting the meeting and I told him we’d be calling upon him again. It is a blessing to see men grow and serve.  Brother Rob is an M. P. here in Vicenza.

Our 1st Sunday back the church had two cakes; one with an American flag to say good bye to Loretta who is about to deploy; and a second, with an Italian flag, to say hello to our family.

Loretta was just recently saved and baptized.  Please pray for her spiritual growth and physical health.  Her pre-deployment physical revealed some concerns to the doctors causing them to postpone her departure for further testing.  While we are glad to have her here with us, we are concerned about her health.

We miss the States, our home church and our pastor, but we are very grateful to be back in the field and the work where the Lord has called us.

We were pleased to meet a few new families when we returned.  We’ve also seen visitors each week; and we have had the opportunity to visit three other families who have been missing for a long time and seen them return.  In addition to this we’ve seen one man and one teen profess faith in Christ in the past two weeks.  Praise God!!!

As we adjust to life back in Italy, one obvious difference is the price of gasoline. The cost here is €1.85 per liter; that’s about $8.75 per gallon!

(I promise not to complain the next time I can pay just $4.00 for a gallon of gas, ha ha.)

We are very grateful to the McClures, Clines, Hornbecks and Nixons who served here in our absence.  Please  remember them in prayer.

Finally, please pray for; soldiers to be saved; the saved to mature in faith; and families suffering the strains of continued combat deployments.

May God richly bless all who pray and give,

Yours’ for souls in Christ, Tim & Isabella


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