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Testimony of Missionary Tim Drylie

Pastor Tim Drylie

Pastor Tim Drylie was born in Zanesville, Ohio, in November of 1954. He is the second of four sons; both his parents were school teachers. He has stated that he was first convicted of sin when he was four years old. This occurred when someone assured him that he would go to heaven because he was “a good little boy.” The pastor relates that he knew right then that he was in big trouble, because he knew that he was not “good”.

He first remembers receiving a clear presentation of the gospel when he was 15. This occurred when he found a “Chick Tract” that someone had left in the boys’ room of the public high school. When he read it, he knew that he needed Christ. However, there was a problem — repentance. He was already living deep in sin, and did not want to give it up. The next twelve years were a tremendous struggle between the desire to have Christ, and the desire to live in sin. He finally surrendered to the Lord on Easter Sunday of 1982. As he states it, this doesn’t mean he started living a perfect life, but he trusted Christ, and surrendered to live by faith in Him.

The pastor had been in the Navy for nine years at that time, having enlisted right after high school. During the first several years he did a variety of jobs including walking Shore Patrol and teaching survival. It was in the sixth year of his career that he requested to be assigned to Seal Training. In September of 1979, he graduated as the honor man of BUD/S Class 104, (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal), and served the remaining 14 years as a Seal.

After retiring from the Navy in August of 1993, he finished paramedic training, and worked at night providing 911-service in the city of Portsmouth, VA. At the same time he used his G. I. Bill benefits to attend Bible college during the day. The pastor graduated from Tabernacle Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary, in June of 2000 with a B.R.E., (Bachelors in Religious Education.) He has continued working towards a Doctorate, while serving as a missionary overseas.

Pastor Drylie is a member of Armed Forces Baptist Mission, (AFBM), which is a ministry of Good News Baptist Church, located in Chesapeake, VA. The majority of the members of AFBM are retired military officers and NCO’s. His home church is Tidewater Baptist Temple also located in Chesapeake. In this capacity, he has worked in Petropovlosk and Magadan in Fareast Russia, as well as Heidelberg, Germany and the Caribbean. He is currently serving as the Pastor of Vicenza Baptist Church in Italy. His hobbies include playing the piano, guitar and studying foreign languages.

Testimony of Isabella Drylie

Mrs. Isabella Drylie
Mrs. Isabella Drylie

I was raised in Italy as a Roman Catholic, however when I was about twelve years old I lost confidence in the church and began to look for my own answers. I began to study human philosophy and to trust my human intellect. I was enjoying life and becoming more arrogant while being proud of my knowledge.

When I was twenty-five my older brother Davide was living in the United States and was saved. He began witnessing to us over the telephone and we thought that he had been brainwashed. My sister and I went to visit him to see if he was all right. When I met the people in his church I was sure I had them all figured out. My studies at university convinced me that they were all weak-minded people who needed religion to give meaning to their lives.

However, over the next year and a things began to happen which showed me I didn’t have as much control over my life as I thought. Little by little my pride and self-confidence were being abased. Every aspect of my life was a disappointment and I felt miserable. Then I remembered the words of my brother and I couldn’t stop reading the tracts he’d sent me. I was stricken by the words, “There is none righteous, no, not one:” Romans 3:10. I began to be convicted about my sins; about the truth of the gospel; about my condemnation and need for a Savior. Then I cried out to God to help me and to make Him known to me in a real and personal way. I asked for Jesus to enter into my heart and He did.

Because of my pride, everyone in the family thought I would be the last one to get saved, but I surrendered first. I was blessed to find a little mission church not far from my town: Vicenza Baptist Church. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to find a place where I could worship and grow with other believers. The whole family came there to witness my Baptism and not long after that, my older sister Gaia was saved and baptized.

The Lord has shown Himself to be very kind and patient in my life. His word has become very precious to me. In Jeremiah 29:13 God promises, “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” He has been faithful to keep this promise and to make it real in my life.

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